Please know that I care about you, and your possessions. I work without judgement; this is your space and you are safe within it. I will always look for the best way for you to reclaim and enjoy your place. 

How we’ll work together

First, we’ll speak by phone to understand the kinds of services you are looking for: de-cluttering, organising, simplifying, minimising. This with the goal to help you enjoy your space(s) again.

We’ll discuss your goals and best approach to complete them successfully. Imagine, and tell me what the end-state looks like.

We’ll agree on a date and time of my on-site visit or next remote consultation, to see the space you need my help with.

I’ll create an estimated timeline for your particular project.

When you are comfortable with the plan, we can begin our work together. This could be immediately, or at some other agreed date.


Once we have discussed and agreed on the project scope, you and I will:

– work on the project together

– only de-clutter the space you want help with

– only remove items you are ready to let go of

– work at a pace comfortable for you

You will be the one making decisions about what remains in your space, and what we can remove.

REMOTE Consultation

I am always comfortable and happy to help you remotely via Skype or using another video conferencing tool.

When working remotely, my role will be more of a “consultant” to help you create a work plan, make storage suggestions, assist when you get stuck and / or need encouragement, or just share ideas for best ways to approach your organising project.


Call or e-mail to arrange your FREE initial consultation.