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notebook - joanna-kosinska-254405I love to read, so it was inevitable that I would include book reviews as part of my services. But I don’t just want to share my love for books with you. I want to show you what I use to make my life less cluttered and more organised. I hope this will also help you simplify your life.

Books I Love

Stuffocation: Living More With Less, by James Wallman

What’s Mine Is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption is Changing The Way We Live, by Rachel Botsman

Videos Worth Watching

Minimalism: a Documentary About the Important Things, by The Minimalists

Products I Use When Traveling

Backpack Airport/Travel cover – this cover protects your backpack while in transit, especially when you are flying. It will cover all the loose straps and protect them from damage, water, etc. This bag will pay for itself in just 2 trips as it usually costs £10-15 to get your bag shrink-wrapped every time you check-in at the airport!

Packing cubes – these ultra light bags will help keep all your items organized in your backpack or other travel bag (suitcase, duffel bag, etc). No more rummaging for socks or that small item at the bottom of the bag.

Osprey Farpoint 55 – front-loading, light, comfortable, right-size (55L) for small women backpack. It includes a removable zip-on day pack (13L) which is perfect when all you need is a smaller bag while exploring. It also has 2 suitcase-like handles for easy carrying.

Events I Hope To Attend

Less Is Now Tour, by The Minimalists


Note: My business is an Amazon affiliate partner. This means that if you were to purchase any of the materials mentioned above, after you’ve clicked on a button on this page, I would earn a small commission from the transaction (at no extra cost to you). I only recommend materials that I have purchased and personally used, and they made an impact on me or have helped me get more organised. Thank you for your support!

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